Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Trash Footprint

If the sophomores of AGS keep up their current trash creation rates, we will need a landfill large enough to hold 442,601 cubic feet of garbage. This is their lifetime trash footprint. You should know that only 100 students completed this assignment.

If you remember, the Great Pyramid in Egypt covers 13 acres and has a volume of 90,000,000 cubic feet. If an AGS sophomore is an average American student, how many students would we have to collect trash from to create a volume that is equal to the volume of the Great Pyramid?

Saturday, May 07, 2011

This post is for all those students who will not accumulate 0.75 cubic feet of trash.

No worries, just calculate the volume you currently have and divide it by the number of days you've been collecting. Say you have a box with a width of 7 inches, a length of 11 inches, and your trash reaches a height of 8 inches after 4 days. Now convert those measurements to feet  (0.583 ft by 0.916 ft by 0.666 ft) and find the volume of trash you collected. In this case it would be 0.355 cubic feet. Divide this by 4 and you create 0.0889 cubic feet of garbage per day. I hope this helps.

Trashy McGee

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

New due date for part 1 of the Trash Project!

Part 1 of the Trash Project is due Monday, May 9, 2011.

Once again, you will have to:

(1) fill out the form (Before you do this, there is a game you need to play. See the next post.)

(2) email me your personal reflection with the daily trash photos. I would prefer if the file was converted to a PDF. You can convert your file at the following website:

This is the email address you need to send your converted file to:


Please put your name and period number in the subject heading.


Trashy McGee

One more step you must take before you fill out the form.

You need to play the longevity game at the following website:

Then you will know, and knowing is half the battle.