Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Data Set Assignment and Survey Design

I assigned a data set per group, so you will be working on data set 5, Diesel sales taxes by state, on page 41. There is a link for a map of America and the sales tax associated with diesel fuel found on the web page listed on pg 41.

####Please email me your finished product. I would like you to make a word doc this time.####

Use your calculator to randomly select 10 of the 51 amounts. Write down the name of each state and its sales tax on a gallon of diesel fuel.

Calculate the descriptive statistics for the data set and interpret all statistics. (5 number summary and mean)

Create a histogram in Excel. Explain what the graph tells you about the data.

Write a couple of sentences for the school newspaper about your results.

After you have emailed me your data analysis word docs, complete Survey Design p45 #1-3.


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